a letter to client

It is not easy to do constant improvement, but Roneo still insist on this.

Constant improvement is one of core values of Roneo, our employees adhere this value to serve each client.

Your feedback is the power to support our improvement. You can get how we do that through send us mails and look for opportunities of improvement throughout the results. Improvements will be done according to your feedback and this will let us become your more powerful partner, faster, more nimble and better to solve the problems for you and support your important strategy.

No matter the economic situation is good or bad, in the future days, we will become your most reliable advisers. For a long time, we have required ourselves to do the right things. A typical example: we recently implemented O2O channel deployment throughout entire company. This made a close connection between outstanding suppliers all over China and Roneo and realized information sharing to let us smarter, faster and more cooperative to provide service for each client.