How to buy a container house

Shipping containers are big metal boxes that are made to house goods. They are used to transport both in land and in water. They are generally created in wavy weathering steel and they have doors at one corner. For advance trade’s globalization by making it prospective to transport things over long distances and many transport […]

shipping container house

How to build a container houses

Container homes are becoming increasingly popular for home builders who want something different. These are easy to make, which have many environmental advantages and are not costly. Shipping containers are given that an alternative form of construction where containers are used for building blocks and structural foundations for houses and offices. By the help of shipping […]

modified container bar

New style mobile coffee shop everywhere

One new style of bar and coffee shop is becoming increasly popular all over the world. They can be put everywhere you like and you can take away anytime you want! How can they be that? Amazing! Yes, it is. They are modified from shipping container, designed by us according to customers’ requirement and plan. […]

Container houses-modular steel container houses

Hearing the modular steel container houses, you may feel very good understanding of the literal meaning that is the kind of container house made from steel, the market is increasingly seen. In China, most of the construction market the earliest on the site are the kind of simple prefab houses,most are used as workers’ accommodation, […]