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Container history 6

This process was so expensive that in many cases selling internationally was not worthwhile. “For some commodities, the freight may be as much as 25 percent of the cost of the product,” two engineers concluded after a careful study of the date from 1959. Shipping steel pipe from New York to Brazil cost an average […]

Container history 5-The world is changed by containers

Getting from the Ideal-X to a system that moves tens of millions of boxed each year was not an easy voyage. Both the containers’ promoters and its opponents sensed from the very beginning that this was an invention that could change the way the world works. That first container voyage of 1956, an idea turned […]

Container history 4-The world is changed by containers

The colorful chaos of the old-time pier is nowhere in evidence at a major container terminal, the brawny longshoremen carrying bags of coffee on their shoulders nowhere to be seen. Terry Malloy, the muscular hero played by Marlon Brando in On the waterfront, would not be at home. Almost every one of the intricate movements […]

Container history 3-The world is changed by containers

Vessel just stop in the dock, a row of huge crane immediately started up, these cranes are huge steel structures, from the ground 200 feet high, weighing more than 2 million pounds. Their support intervals are 50 feet, completely enough for a few truck lanes even track below by train. The crane parked side by […]

Container history 2-The world is changed by containers

Containers not only help us destroy the old economy, and also help us set up the new economy. Such as Busan and Seattle some sleepy port in the past, is now in the forefront line of huge ports all over the world. In addition, in the places where never have ports before, such as Britain […]

Container history 1-The world is changed by containers

Port Newark, New Jersey, on April 26, 1956, a crane put 58 aluminum trucks to old cruise on a ship in the port. Five days later, the ‘Ideal – X’ ship into Houston, where there were 58 container trucks waiting on the dress and delivering them to the destination. Thus begins a revolution. Decades later, […]

How to buy a container house

Shipping containers are big metal boxes that are made to house goods. They are used to transport both in land and in water. They are generally created in wavy weathering steel and they have doors at one corner. For advance trade’s globalization by making it prospective to transport things over long distances and many transport […]

How to build a container houses

Container homes are becoming increasingly popular for home builders who want something different. These are easy to make, which have many environmental advantages and are not costly. Shipping containers are given that an alternative form of construction where containers are used for building blocks and structural foundations for houses and offices. By the help of shipping […]

Prefabricated houses provide affordable options for buyers

Those who haven’t found suitable houses to buy and those who cannot afford to rent a spacious house now have one more choice: prefabricated house. A prefabricated house is also called prefab house for short, being a house which doesn’t need so much money and energy to build. However, the house can meet different kinds […]