Container history 1-The world is changed by containers

Port Newark, New Jersey, on April 26, 1956, a crane put 58 aluminum trucks to old cruise on a ship in the port. Five days later, the ‘Ideal – X’ ship into Houston, where there were 58 container trucks waiting on the dress and delivering them to the destination. Thus begins a revolution.

Decades later, when the huge trailers rule the highway, and when trains filled with rows of containers rumbled through the darkness, it is difficult for us to really understand the containers have brought the world much change. In 1956, the China is not the factory of the world yet, shoppers in the United States don’t often see in the shops in central Kansas shoes in Brazil and Mexico vacuum cleaner, Japanese family also eat beef produced in Wyoming, French fashion designer has not put their elevated clothing in Turkey or Vietnam to cutting and sewing. Before using containers , cargo transport is very expensive, so there are a lot of things across half the country’s transport is not cost-effective and let alone across half the earth.

Why containers are so important? Of course not because the container itself.A cold aluminum or steel box, there are a lot of the welding lines and rivets, spreading at the bottom of the board, including two big doors – at the end of the standard container with very much like a tin cans. The practical thing’s value is not what it is, but is how to use it. For a highly automation, low cost and low complexity of goods transportation system-container is the core.

Containers have reduced the cost of goods transportation, which changed the shape of the world economy. Labor forces with low salary, differential treatment, by in the port of loading and discharging has disappeared, the crowded community they formed next to terminal now has become a memory. Not fit or no needed because of the container trade, some center of the maritime trade cities last for centuries, such as New York and Liverpool, watched their terminal decline at an alarming rate. In the past, some factories in order to be close to suppliers and customers, had to endure high costs in the urban area, and now they have already moved away. Some respectable shipping companies with a history of nearly a century, because of the inability to bear the huge cost and meet the demand of container transport finally broke down. In the past, traveling merchant sailors can be landed at exotic ports play a few days, but now they exist only to stay in a remote yard container for a few hours, if the crane has completed the loading and unloading of the metal box, their ship will sail unmoor immediately.

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